NL Occupational Health and Safety Association

The Newfoundland & Labrador Occupational Health & Safety Association was formed in 1956, as the Newfoundland Accident Prevention Association. The founders were representatives of organizations, largely businesses’ and industrial companies, operating within the province and paying assessments to the Work-men’s Compensation Board.

Mr. C.V. Hancock, commissioner of the Work-men’s Compensation Board, Served as President. The early activities of the organization, included the introduction of the Association’s constitution and finalization of any changes before presentation to the Work-men’s Compensation Board for definitive approval, Changing the name of the association to the Newfoundland Industrial Safety Association, the finalization of the organizations mandate – to promote the prevention of accidents and industrial diseases in all industries and setting up the criteria for membership. Other early activities of the association included the design of the seal for the organization, the creation of a system whereby full publicity would be given to any company with an outstanding safety record, or to one who showed a marked decrease in their accident frequency through a safety program.

Throughout the years NLOHSA has continued to promote health and safety in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, through the implementation of a “No Accident” campaign, designating the month of October as “No Accident Month”, through the establishment of a safety awards program, and other activities including The creation of an annual safety conference to provide a forum for all sectors of industry to gather to share ideas, promote occupational health & safety, and to obtain information on new occupational health & safety products.

Today, the Newfoundland Occupational Health & Safety Association has been in existence for over half a century. NLOHSA continues push for awareness in Industrial Health & Safety matters, to achieve a safer working environment for employees of this Province. With efforts ranging from safety programs, monuments, scholarships, and numerous other initiatives , the association has tirelessly promoted the importance of work safety. Considering the present awareness of such issues, the Association has tirelessly promoted the importance of workplace safety. Considering the lack of attention paid to workplace hazards prior to N.L.O.H.S.A.’s birth, compared to the present awareness of such issues, the Association can be singled out as a pioneer. It has played a tremendous role in the field of Health and Safety throughout the past five decades and will certainly continue to be a leader in the future.