2020 Safety Leadership Award

Safety Leaders consistently demonstrate a passion for health and safety and promotes safe working practices and safe behaviours in all that they do.  Making the right choice for the right reason (safety) thus preventing injury and illness is what sets a Safety Leader apart from others. A Safety Leader continually demonstrates the value of working safely and conducts work safely and assists other to do the same. By taking the time to effectively plan and schedule work tasks, jobs, projects, etc. and ensuring safety is “the priority”, a Safety Leader adds value and pride to any organization or group.  

The global pandemic, COVID 19 set forth a motion of events that proved to be challenging with outcomes unknown for families and employees. As the world changed and we adapted to living life in a pandemic, individuals rose to the challenge to progress their organizations, while keeping the health and safety of workers and the public in the forefront. NLOHSA thought this as an excellent opportunity for all industries to utilize our Safety Leadership Award as a nomination for work in safety that reflects the reality we face today. Nominate someone(s) who has risen to the challenge, provided comfort in the safety of their plan and kept people safe. This is your opportunity to let them know that their hard work didn’t and does not go unnoticed, especially now.


Deadline for Nominations: May 2nd, 2021.


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